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The number of people who came to my studio for open studio

- tape, film, plastic paper
- dimenstions variable

Taking a chance of an open studio,

I tried to create a new piece that

had different perspectives from

regular pieces so called “arts”.

Using an adhesive tape on a

transparent film, I made a canvas

of evidences. I left the setups near

the entrances of my studio so that

the visitors would step on it as they

came in. Their foot markings were

left on the tape, and they were

assembled together into a piece

later on.

Unlike regular open studio, I made

my working space barely visible

with white translucent curtains

so that visitors could explore what

was hidden behind. Despite many

questions hidden behind curtains,

one thing was clear; when they

see what I have created, they

would realize their expectations

and curiosity gave birth to a new

form of the art itself.

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