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Drawing Lesson

- resin


This work is based on my cultural

experience and represents the way

I learned.

Classical western mythic figures

made up of plaster are always

used to teach students learning arts

in Korea without the knowledge of

meanings of the figures. Students

spend hours of practice drawing

the figures of western human icons

in an isolated room and turn into

perfect drawing machines.

It was found from a research

that one’s own face was somehow

integrated into the drawing of the

plaster statues during the training.

Six small plastic statues are made

based on the figures but replacing

the faces with mine to represent

common habitant of Korean


There are two containers each

filled with figures: my originals in

one container, and regular western

figures in the other. Viewers are

asked to take only one from either container; If they want to learn the

Korean way of drawing, they take

my sculpture but if not, they take

the original western figures.

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