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Fletcher 601 at 1A.M.

- glass, wood
- 160" x 150"

A viewer walks through a pathway

with four arched windows and

turns four corners to reach the

center. One finds an imitation of the

arched windows there.

There are two images that confront

the person standing in front of the

imitation: reflection of oneself and

an image from a mirror that is setup


This work replicated my experience

of working in a studio with many

windows. From day to night, looking

at the different images of the space

through the window glasses, a

question arouse. Where am I?


Shifts of these visual positions are exemplary of a notion that spatial perception is a result of a certain

environment and perspective while

an observer moves through the

space that influences perceptual

fields. One can find the existence of the surroundings that affects recognition of the space and time.

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