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Trained Perception

- white blown glass, sound,
  video camera, projector
- dimensions variable

Objects are setup on a table, and

14 art students from Korea draw

a still life from the same visual

perspectives. Drawing on white

glass models (left of the video)

made from the shadows of actual

objects, showing actual

displacement is compared to the

ones that students draw (right).

There is a Korean tendency of

drawing depiction. Students learn

to draw with guidelines that state

what to do when drawing

depiction. The Korean students

may draw exactly how the objects

look like, but they change where

things are so that the drawing

looks better.

As a result, these trained eyes of

Korean artists brought an issue of

reality and precision as a subject

of mastering form. Through out the

formal years of learning how to

draw, their habitual has settled

down into a trained lens to create a

perfect still life rending rather than

what they actually see.

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